Sonic Matter wants to acknowledge the precarious situation artists live through due to COVID restrictions, cancelled performances and exhibitions and the missed opportunity to engage with audiences and fellow artists. We'd like to ask how artists’ practices have changed and what opportunities, as unexpected and surprising they might be, have arisen and benefited creative processes? What alternative narratives emerge within the limitations of a lockdown, reduced social interaction and economic hardship?

Under these circumstances the IN/OUT festival initiative offers a rare opportunity to connect musicians and visual artists from Switzerland, South America and Africa to collaborate together on a new, jointly developed project. SONIC MATTER brings in two teams from very different backgrounds and disciplines: Musicians reConvert (CH), Efe Ce Ele (CO) and visual artist Milena Pafundi (AR), and musicians Samuel Stoll (CH), Ray Sapienz (CG/UG) and visual artist Julia Maria Morf (CH). These six unique artistic voices open up thematic resonant spaces around themes of collaborative processes, communication, interference and coincidences, endurance, continuity and resistance.