Swiss culture is under attack by cultural imperialist forces which has lead Nyege Nyege (on request of the Swiss government) and its affiliated ethnomusicology department to launch a preservation/modernization campaign in order to save the most important cultural heritage of the Swiss: the art of Yodeling. In order to take Yodeling into the 21st century, our team of researchers have had to identify a practitioner who still exemplifies the genre in its purest form, and after months of research into the deep Swiss mountains, they've identified the perfect Yodeler to come to Kampala and work with modern techniques and producers in order to turn the ancestral art into forms that will help it survive into the 21st century and for many generations to come. The first results of this mission to save Yodeling will be presented at the In/Out festival and features HéloHeïdi, a Yodeler from Switzerland, and the Ethnomusicology department of Nyege Nyege composed by Titi (DRC), Kato (Uganda), Kabochi (Kenya) and fiddle player Ocen (Uganda).