At a time when getting to know new voices and direct artistic exchange are massively limited by travel and contact restrictions, new ways must be found to reflect on and enrich each other’s work. Horn player Samuel Stoll has developed a kind of virtual ping-pong for this purpose:

"As a musician who cannot play with others at the moment, I have started to work on audio tracks together with colleagues remotely. This is how it works: All participants agree on an approximate duration. I fill a 10-minute, still empty audio track with sounds. Pauses are treated like sounds, so there isn’t a constant thread of sounds, but also empty quiet space. The audio track is passed on to the next participant. This person adds new sounds, changes my material or deletes it, and deals with it in their own way. There are no rules about what is allowed and what is not. The edited audio track then comes back to me and I in return add my "answer" to it, vary it, change it, comment on it etc. This goes back and forth until everyone agrees that it's good - or that there's no point in going on and we start from scratch.“ To IN/OUT Festival 2021, this concept was expanded to another level in order to embrace music and visual arts.

Samuel Stoll (Switzerland/Germany), Rey Sapienz (Congo/Uganda) and Julia Maria Morf (Switzerland) embark on this open-ended experiment together. The three have never met before. With them, experimental contemporary music and performance, electronic music and DJ-ing and video collage meet.